• Iftar

    Ramadan for little ones

    Orignally posted on June 23rd 2013 The blessed month of Ramadan is here and all

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  • mountain top

    Planning Backward – Reaching the Mountain Top

    In a recent lecture from Br. Omar Zia (educator with Peel District School Board) , I learned a new strategy to raise kids, and how the environment we give our children impacts their social, emotional, mental and spiritual development which in turn molds them into the adults they become.

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  • 3588340327_b8dab7cc6a

    Mercy and Respect – A Key to Discipline

    Whoever does not show mercy to our little ones and does not respect the rights

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  • how_we_express_ourselves

    Why we need to express ourselves properly?

    Few months back I was addressing an audience, with a majority of non Muslims. In my content I touched the status of parents in Islam and drew the attention of the audience as to why we should talk to our parents and listen to them attentively, specially when they grow old. “It is not a generation gap but a communication gap that digs a deep valley between the two generations. We hurry to put on wattsap and facebooks our updates but our parents remain unaware about our whereabouts and achievements” I insisted.

    In the question and answer sessions a young man got up and argued,

    ” My father is a rich man and I need an I-phone, he doesn’t buy one for me, because he does not know the benefits of I-phones, and this ignorance is due to generation gap and not a communication gap”.

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  • images

    What are they doing?

    As our kids are getting older and technology is pacing faster than we can catch

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