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Towards Establishing a Vision for the Muslims in the West

By Yasir Qadhi   In the past five decades, we have witnessed an influx of immigrant Muslims settling in non-Muslim lands. Never before in the Ummah have Muslims voluntarily left their countries in such a mass exodus and come to … read more

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Sadaf – How She Does It?

Name: Sadaf Afshan Kids Names and Ages:  Sofia, age 6; Aisha, age 4 Marital status: Married   Q. What style of Tarbiya do you prefer?  read more

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Travel Strollers Guide

While stroller shopping can be really simple it can sometimes become confusing as strollers come in all size, shapes, forms and price tags! Strollers however should really be purchased based on your need and practicality. There is no point buying … read more

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3 Free and Easy steps to Parental Control

1. Configure your Router (free) This will effectively block and put parental control on all internet sites across laptop, tablets, gaming consoles and phones etc Some routers ship with built-in parental controls. If your router has this feature, it will often … read more

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Immunization (vaccination) is a way of creating immunity to certain diseases by using small amounts of a killed or weakened microorganism that causes the particular disease. The issue Muslim’s face every time is whether the vaccine is halal, and if … read more

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5 Money Lessons for Kids

5 Money Lessons For Your Kids

#1. Earning it Halal Way The most important lessons is about Honest and the Halal way of Earning. Teach them about the sin of Riba/Interest, and how money earned from lawful means pleases Allah (sbt) and creates blessings in what is bought, while contrary will do otherwise. In the end, it is important that they distinguish between halal and haram money. Halal way will bring barakah in their earnings and in every aspect of their lives. read more